About datPAV

The software is designed, developed, owned by Singapore-Delft Water Alliance, National University of Singapore as part of Aquatic Science Center – Ulu Pandan project. Using the unique features of re-using the processed data different step-by-step data process/analysis workflows can be established to carry out detailed investigation. The entire preliminary data analysis exercise can be backed up on the server and the exercise can be re-visited/re-run again using personalized login. This tool has also been customized/demonstrated for three major applications of metabolomics, environmental and hydrodynamic data analysis.


User interactive features

It addresses the limitations of existing spreadsheet or advanced data analysis packages in achieving the same. This platform independent software is designed as a generic tool for investigating structural datasets (arranged as a matrix with observations as rows and variables as columns) obtained from any experiment. datPAV provides processing and visualization options (which can be selected with just two mouse clicks) to perform different analysis exploring the organization of the data, detecting errors and supports basic statistical analysis. The visualization option provides additional graphic features to generate/edit figure properties of publishable quality.