Computational Biology

We use an integrative omics approach by analyzing data at various functional levels (Genomics,Proteomics,Metabolomics,Transcriptomics).We have developed in-house capabilities for integrating metagenomic,metabolomic,transcriptomic data.

It is a unique tool providing a number of novel algorithms which are not available in other existing metabolite data analysis tools. It provides a workflow which takes you through a step wise protocol to give you fully analysed and interpretable data in a matter of minutes. MetDAT has been developed on Red Hat Linux Enterprise Edition 5.2 using GNU Plot, R, CGI and advanced Perl programming. The complete package was developed by expert programmers in close consultation with biologists

The software is designed, developed, owned by Singapore-Delft Water Alliance, National University of Singapore as part of Aquatic Science Center – Ulu Pandan project. Using the unique features of re-using the processed data different step-by-step data process/analysis workflows can be established to carry out detailed investigation. The entire preliminary data analysis exercise can be backed up on the server and the exercise can be re-visited/re-run again using personalized login. This tool has also been customized/demonstrated for three major applications of metabolomics, environmental and hydrodynamic data analysis.