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Our lab has strong interest in two main areas:

* Understanding the role of metabolites in model biological systems.
* Understanding the ecology of mixed microbial communities in different environmental settings to develop an applied solution for bioremediation and environmental monitoring.

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  • Ecological functioning of urban waterways - "The sedimentary biofilms in the urban waterways are composed of different sized sand particles. Although, the larger particles (coarse) and smaller particles (fine) exist together within the sediment habitats, they host very distinct microbial communities"

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  • How the durian got its sulfuric stench - Fruit's genome sequence has sulfur-related genes, which probably evolved to attract elephants and bats in Nature

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  • "The future of local farming: Balancing technology and nature" - Prof. Sanjay Swarup in Channel News Asia.
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  • Publications

    • Teh, B.T., Lim, K., Yong, C.H., Ng, C.C.Y., Rao, S.R., Rajasegaran, V., Lim, W.K., Ong, C.K., Chan, K., Cheng, V.K.Y., Soh P. S., Swarup S., Rozen S. G., Nagarajan N. and Tan P. (2017). The draft genome of tropical fruit durian (Durio zibethinus). Nature Genetics, doi:10.1038/ng.3972.

    • Seneviratne, C.J., Suriyanarayanan, T., Swarup, S., Chia, K.H.B., Nagarajan, N., and Zhang, C. (2017). Transcriptomics Analysis Reveals Putative Genes Involved in Biofilm Formation and Biofilm-associated Drug Resistance of Enterococcus faecalis. Journal of Endodontics 6, 949-955.

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    Conferences Atttending:

    August 2018
    The Australian & New Zealand Metabolomics Conference